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Dying sculptures

Ceramic vases, decaying flower arrangements, preserved flowers in alcoholic drinks (Whiskey, Wine, Vodka, Gin)

Dahlias, carnations, thistles, chrysanthemums, lavender, mini roses, geraniums...

Even the strongest sentiment perishes. I use plants and flowers as a starting point to explore the life circles of living organisms and their processes of decomposition and transformation, their details and their beauty. 

I am fascinated by the beauty, asymmetry, movement and simplicity of Ikebana floral designs, which inspired me to design my own arrangements focusing on the processes of decomposition that give the sculpture its final appearance.


Dry Flowers and dental prosthesis 

Rose and Phacelia tanacetifolia preserved in Whiskey 


General view, Photos by me, Sara Mayoral 

Blooming 5 Sara Mayoral Jimenez.jpg

Decaying Flower arrangement on Recycled Ceramic 

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