I am Sara Mayoral, visual artist. My journey began in Madrid and I currently live and work in Munich. I define my work as an exercise in experimentation and self-exploration. My main subjects of interest have been identity and technology, in particular, the conceptual and poetic transformation of images of bodies.

Due to the great technical progress of technologies and the introduction of smartphones, anyone who has such a device potentially becomes a documenter of their environment and therefore an agent for the creation of identity structures, which is why I believe that it is of vital importance in the current panorama to suggest new forms of representation with which to tell stories with new aesthetic values that break with convention.


As an artist I aspire to offer a medium in which to create a critical reflection. Documenting the Human being from my personal life experiences. My artwork has always a poetic approach which connects all the different media, representation models and techniques I use; video, painting, drawing, photography, performance, ceramics, sounds, NFTs etc.

Welcome to my multiverse where everything is mixed...  each project is responsible for the previous one and the one that continues.