Memory of the body, 2022

Memory of the Body is the title of the installation at the Jahresaustellung at the AdBK München. Two installations made with two traditional techniques, in which to explore memory and psychological and physical trauma. ...

opuestos 2.jpg

Gegenüber, 2022

Series of analog photographs taken with a Hasselblad camera and Pinhole different cameras . They represent the process of searching where I examine intimacy, human vulnerability and identity through my own experiences. 

Dance of the Stillness 2021

Project in which I am exploring self-care practices through, photography, drawings, video, performance, and sculptures.​ The body becomes art...

"Paradise Lost #gender shift" in der Galerie der Künstler des BBK. Munich, Germany​ 2021

100 ways to be inside of a rectangle tries to make a critical reflection taking these questions as a starting point...

The Eternal goodbye,2021

Photography, music and video, Munich, Germany​.

Serie of photographs, poems, sounds and video. Portraits of intimate acts and gestures of the private scene, such as eating, sleeping, arguing, complicity, illness, etc.

Starlink 2021, Blockheaded 2021, Est ist ein Ibis​ 2020

In my pictorial practice, my personal experiences of everyday life are very important, the body is my main subject of study. As well as the process of creation, the ideas, the memories that appear while working on a project, already define the form of the work. 

Those who look, 2020
Video installation that I organised in my flat, in my bathroom, my bedroom and the garden, the eyes are projected and gesticulate.
Invasion of privacy...


The Eaters, 2020
The video consists of showing two different generations while eating. My grandmother, Victoria, and my sister, Marta, 82 and 21 years old respectively.


Arbeiten mit Körperkontakt 2020

Bodies, objects, narratives, relationships, identity.
Body contact, maybe it’s a way to recognize myself, to feel myself through feeling others. How the skin feels, how a body extends to other bodies, losing or confusing limits, mixing