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Artist Statement



Death and conservation are my field of research.

As a child my mother was diagnosed with a rare, genetic disease. I grew up with a deep fear of losing her at any moment, and that extreme and prolonged experience has affected my whole life, and my artistic work.


The journey towards death is a process of transformation and metamorphosis for which one of the most recurrent elements in my work is the use of flowers. I use flowers as a starting point to explore living organisms, their tools of survival, their processes of decomposition and transformation. I create what I have called "still lifes", dying sculptures in which my flowers are ready to die.


In turn these pieces continue a cycle of change in which they are transformed into biomaterials. It is important for me to initiate an environmentally responsible practice, working in a sustainable way. The biomaterials I have created are 100% biodegradable, created from algae, glycerine and organic waste, and can be dissolved in a matter of hours with just water.


My latest installation with these biomaterials is "Geraniums, carnations and chrysanthemums"; a long vertical curtain made with flowers transformed into new materials among which are hidden human remains (my father's teeth). Human remains and constant references to the body are also recurrent in my work, as well as relationships and personal stories, which are a source of inspiration.



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