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Artist Statement

I was never good at goodbyes and death scares me.

As an artist I am very intrigued by how one can learn about mortality while being alive, to deal with it.

As a child my mum was diagnosed with a rare and genetic disease. I grew up with a deep fear of losing her at any moment, and that extreme and prolongued experience have affected my entire life, practice and research.

I recognise the fight to preserve, prolong a moment, a person, a sound, extending it in time for as long as I can in my work.


I play with a variety of media and techniques, I work with my family archive from objects to pictures, sound and video, artesanal and technological recording techniques, sculpture, performance and biomaterials. 


Some of my art projects have been materialised in installation where a long vertical curtain made with Flowers transformed into new materials hide human remains, my dad's teeth that remain me of how fragile we actually are.


Into Sculptures, that abandoned in nature, evolve over time, becoming part of a renewed ecosystem. Wax portraits that preserve the memory of my family. Sound and video installations with slow motion portraits.


Performances in which I explore my own body or in which I carve my own niche. 

Apparently death is part of the game of being alive. In my art I play my own game, I keep things alive with me a little longer.


+34 696352588 



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