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Arbeiten mit Körperkontakt

Body contact 

Bodies, objects, narratives, relationships, identity.

Body contact, maybe it’s a way to recognize myself, to feel myself through feeling others. How the skin feels, how a body extends to other bodies, losing or confusing limits, mixing. Exhausted, breathless, high pulse, pain, pleasure, sweat, bruises. One sculptural volume with which I want to get closer to nature and one’s own body.
The sculpture is made out of clay, approximately 1.2 m high and 50 cm wide.

Body and clay. Clay allowed me to leave this mark that gives importance to the process of creation, which shows it, and it is also a material with great symbolic power. The form was defined by the intuitive movements of my own body making at the end a sculpture that suits myself.

It required my physical effort and my muscles are activated, sharing energy, warming up when we get in touch.

In this clash of bodies, it is not only the visible that is created, this concept is something that interests me deeply. Everything that is beyond what we can
appreciate at first sight, it’s like the inside of my body that I don’t see, but I feel it, I hear it...

The sculpture has a concave shape with a hole that not only allows me to work on the sculpture on its facade, but also allows me access the interior.

The multiple perspectives are very recurrent in my works Once the volume was finished and it has gone through the firing process to solidify, the sculpture became a projection of my- self in its negative form, the absence of my body.

Once it was finished, I placed some engravers inside that sha- pe that
picked up the noises that were emitted during our contact. The sounds of my breathing, the crackling of the sculpture itself, our movements

through space, the rubbing of my skin on its surface...
What does it mean to breathe inside another body?
It is a process that is sometimes relaxing, tiring and sometimes even overwhelming because of the effort and the warmth felt.

Vulnerabilities Sara Mayoral 2022_edited

Thinking the sculpture on its process The way I think while I THINK.

ADBK 2019 | Munich, Germany

Photography Morandi photo piece n 2_Sara Mayoral_2019_383E.png
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