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The dance of the stillness.

Oberrimbach (Franken) and Munich 2021

Project in which I am exploring self-care practices through, photography, drawings, video, performance, and sculptures.

The body becomes art. A performative piece that unfolds within an intimate covenant with the aim of promoting the vital development of the body, soul and spirit. Drawing on painterly and sculptural practices, presented in a lived moment of intimate self-care.

Self-care encompasses all the things we do to take care of our health. Regularly meeting emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual needs. It refers to those behaviours done to improve well-being, maintain health or maintain physical and emotional stability. Self awareness, self acceptance, self exploration, embracement. Serenity, the dance that occurs when silence takes its rightful place.

A continuos performance in practice, currently shown in different formats, individually and with the collaboration of the duo "The place where we meet" with the artist Eduardo Palomares 


Exhibited in Ligne Rose,  a publication with the project "How to survive super nice and super sexy", and performed in Haus der Kunst in the context of the SUPER BOOKS event.


Ceramics used in a performance by the Duo Eduardo Palomares and Sara Mayoral at Ligne Rose, München


Isar, München
Sara Mayoral and Eduardo Palomares

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