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Comment on Addiction.

This work is a tribute to my father.

There are words that were never spoken, some truths can only be embraced in silence.


Fermented flowers in blown glass. Blown glass sculptures contain fermented flowers, leaves and herbs from Bavaria and Spain, combining my cultural heritage. I grew up in Madrid and Castilla La-Mancha, now I have been living in Bavaria for seven years. 


The flowers are fermented with sugar and vinegar in a liquid solution historically called "shrubs", also known as wines of the poor. This tradition dates back to ancient Mesopotamia and the Roman Empire, where it was prized for its preservative properties and for improving the drinkability of water. In colonial America, shrubs were indispensable and valued for their freshness and role in preserving food without refrigeration. Shrubs allow seasonal fruits, herbs and flowers to be used for longer and offer a sustainable solution by utilising surplus fruit.

Comment on Adiction 1.jpg
DSC02031 2.jpg

Variety of fermented flowers 


Performance Respekt Tag, Bayerische Theaterakademie

Flowers and Wine

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