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Analogue Photography, 

Portrait and landscape 2022

Series of analog photographs taken with a Hasselblad camera and Pinhole different cameras . They represent the process of searching where I examine intimacy, human vulnerability and identity through my own experiences. 

One of the Pinhole camera I've built and used, is designed to capture a distorted landscape compositionally and formally, it has two points from which it exposes the photograph at the same time from opposite angles. It is possible to create duos of elements, which are located opposite one another, each one has the necessary characteristics depending on the photo I want to obtain.


Working with pinhole photography provides me calmness and a special relationship with the environment I photograph. They process needs very long exposure times, so the result gives us a vivid image, minutes, somethimes hours of exposure where the movement takes center stage.

positivado casa.jpg
Escanear 9 copia.jpeg
Escanear 9.jpeg
Escanear 1.jpeg
Escanear3 2.jpeg
Escanear 10_edited.jpg
Escanear 2.jpg
Escanear 1.jpg
Escanear 9 copia.jpg

Kaja Silverman - The Miracle of Analogy_ or The History of Photography 


(...) usually a human hand that picks up the apparatus, points it in a particular direction, makes the necessary technical adjustments, and clicks the camera button. 


The history that began with the cogito, which seeks to establish man as the “relational center” of all that is, and whose “fundamental event” is “the conquest of the world as a picture.

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