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Choosing the motif, focusing and pressing the button to capture the moment and conquer the image that remains. But how difficult it is for me sometimes to choose. 

Gegenüber is a project about insecurities, about the decisions we have to make, the path to choose that we don't always know if it will be the right one.


Diptych that shows opposing paths side by side, maybe if we could look at these photographs on a large scale it would be easier to choose.

(...) usually a human hand that picks up the apparatus, points it in a particular direction, makes the necessary technical adjustments, and clicks the camera button. 


The history that began with the cogito, which seeks to establish man as the “relational center” of all that is, and whose “fundamental event” is “the conquest of the world as a picture.

Kaja Silverman - The Miracle of Analogy_ or The History of Photography 

Escanear 9 copia.jpeg
Escanear 9.jpeg
Escanear 1.jpeg
caminos opuestos 1.jpg

Landscape Photography Series. Diptych;


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