Memory of the body

My artistic practice starts from my own body. I am currently exploring self-portraiture, learning about the possibilities of the human body as an artistic subject and moving away from the sexualization and objectification of the old standards of representation of the female body. Using various techniques especially those that allow me to be in direct contact with the material, I have archived textures and forms of my body as a way to document and understand the passage of time.

Memory of the Body is the title of the installation at the Jahresaustellung. Two installations made with two traditional techniques, in which to explore memory and psychological and physical trauma; fractures, pain, experiences that make us look inward and reflect through ceramics and lithography. Lithography (from ancient greek λίθος líthos ›stone‹ and -graphie) is the oldest flat printing process. An installation will be shown in the cellar of the old building and at the garden we can find a group of sculptures made out of ceramics.

The ceramic columns were carefully molded by direct contact with my fingers, hands, arms and elbows. Traces left on the surface by the elaboration process.


Observing the environment we inhabit and experiencing how my body interacts is my main interest. I try to find the moment of balance of the human being in his environment. 


Stone, clay and wood are ancient materials that have been used to record stories, in the form of texts, reliefs or paintings. Materials that have managed to transmit their legacy for thousands of years. The Trajan Column, the Rosetta Stone, the Greek vases, the Egyptian statues in block or the statues of Kore.


Sara Mayoral JA 2022.jpg

Memory of the body is a project that requires open space.The sculptures must be affected by time and environmental circumstances.The sculptures pick up the weather, climate and atmospheric conditions.


The sculptures record this memory on their surfaces.At the moment they are installed at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in München, where civilization and nature dialogue over the centuries, since the Jahresaustellung 2022.