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Installation of ceramic columns of 1.80, 1.63 and 1.20 metres high and weighing 80, 60 and 11 kilograms respectively.

Conceived as a self-portrait installation, the measurements of the columns correspond to the scale of the human body. The surface  of the columns serves as an archive of memory, recording the transformations due to the pressure exerted on the clay with my fingers, hands, arms, knees and elbows as if they were scars. They are completed with attributes of the female body, modelled directly from parts of my own breasts, lips, fingers and a variety of wrinkles in the skin of my hands, belly and feet. Showing singular bodies made of multiple fragmented parts.

They refer to the columns of ancient Greece and the archaeological remains of our ancestors, as well as the fragmented sculptures that have come down to us from ancient civilisations.

The large central column of the installation is entitled Mnemosyne, refering to the Greek goddes of memory and the importance of preserving history and culture.

The two ceramic columns, together with the smaller one, are placed in a carefully selected natural space, integrating with the landscape and transforming over time due to the action of the elements and the living beings that inhabit them. In this way, the installation becomes a living, changing project that evolves with time and the environment in which it is located, is my interest to establishes a connection between the human being and the natural environment that surrounds us. It is a reflection on one's own identity and on the role of art in our life and culture.


Sara Mayoral Detail MOB 2022.HEIC
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