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In my pictorial practice, my personal experiences of everyday life are very important, the body is my main subject of study. As well as the process of creation, the ideas, the memories that appear while working on a project, already define the form of the work. 

My paintings are something that happened while I was trying to solve a problem of representation. 

A painting is not just the final image that remains when the action stops, it is just the traces of something that happened while I was painting. Nothing more than a memory.


Starlink and Block Headed

Starlink (left) works with the representation of bodies, in particular, my own as a self-portrait, embedded in a scene that composes the space in which my form is held.


It shows an outdoor scene, where the connection to nature is the main theme. Home and family are still important, because it is where our identity it’s partly constructed.


The head of the self-portrait is transformed into a triangular shape that symbolises the home as a house and the feminine.





Es ist ein Ibis

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