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The Eternal goodbye

Ongoing project since 2020 | Photography, text, music and video, Munich, Germany

"The Eternal Goodbye" is an intimate portrait project that explores the memories of a person through a series of works created using various techniques such as photography, text, video, sound, and objects. The project is organized into chapters, each of which tells a different aspect of the subject's life and experiences. The project begins in 2020 and will continue to evolve as new memories are captured and archived.

The focus of the project is on the intimacy of daily life and the moments that make up a person's existence. Through the use of different media and displays, I want to transform these memories to reflect the depth and complexity of human experience. Starting with my own family reviewing and observing our own private life, with apparently insignificant moments, illness, complicity, among others, in order to create a comprehensive portrait.

Each chapter of the project will be organized around a different aspect of the subject's life, accompanied by a variety of media, including photographs, texts, videos, and sound recordings, as well as different objects that are related to the memories being explored.

The project is an open series of works, with each chapter building on the previous one. “The Eternal Goodbye" is a personal project that seeks to capture the complexity and depth of our own history, memories and emotions. The works are presented in different alternatives, where each chapter can be  displayed as a separate entity, but also as part of the larger narrative.

I often integrate the use of the chrysanthemum flower as part of the work. 

In this case, the images show how a series of chrysanthemums hung from the ceiling of the exhibition hall, conquering the space and perishing throughout the exhibition.

I am currently working on an archive/book that will allow viewers to revisit the project and explore the different chapters in more depth.


Altbau der ADBK | Akademiestraße 2

Die Akademie ist geschlossen. 

Wir warten. 

Wie alle.

Welche Rolle spielt die Kunst?

Wir glauben, dass Kunst sichtbar bleiben muss. 

Besonders jetzt.

Chapter 1

The Eternal Goodbye_Eaters


Series of portraits showing differentgenerations while eating.

Victoria (82) and Adolfo (54) don't  perceive the camera, which allows us to observe a totally natural moment.


Marta(21)andFelix(30) feelthepresenceofthecameraandtheirbehaviouris totally influenced by it.

Sara (28) Self recorded, act for the camera.


Chapter 2

The Eternal Goodbye_Asleep


_”Asleep”Public vs private space. While sleeping, that private and vulnerable moment there… for us. While they sleep we look at them. Projection shown on the old building wall.

Audiovisual installation, part of the serie, “To me you are real”. I work with how we deal with intimacy, vulnerabilities and privacy. Projection on the facade of the old building of the ADBK in Munich.

Jahresausstellung 2020 |  PANDEMIC EDITION

Sara Mayoral visual artist

Chapter 3

The Eternal Goodbye_Mamá



The eternal goodbye poem

Sound and visual poem,

Sara Mayoral

Some words stick in your stomach

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