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The Eternal goodbye

 2021 | Photography, music and video, Munich, Germany

Serie of photographs, poems, sounds and video.

Portraits of intimate acts and gestures of the private scene, such as eating, sleeping, arguing, complicity, illness, etc.


The Eaters

Series of portraits showing differentgenerations while eating.

Victoria (82) and Adolfo (54) don't  perceive the camera, which allows us to observe a totally natural moment.


Marta(21)andFelix(30) feelthepresenceofthecameraandtheirbehaviouris totally influenced by it.

Sara (28) Self recorded, act for the camera.



Altbau der ADBK | Akademiestraße 2

Die Akademie ist geschlossen. 

Wir warten. 

Wie alle.

Welche Rolle spielt die Kunst?

Wir glauben, dass Kunst sichtbar bleiben muss. 

Besonders jetzt.


Series of portraits sleeping

_”Asleep”Public vs private space. While sleeping, that private and vulnerable moment there… for us. While they sleep we look at them. Projection shown on the old building wall.

Audiovisual installation, part of the serie, “To me you are real”. I work with how we deal with intimacy, vulnerabilities and privacy. Projection on the facade of the old building of the ADBK in Munich.

Jahresausstellung 2020 |  PANDEMIC EDITION

Sara Mayoral visual artist


The eternal goodbye poem

Sound and visual poem,

Sara Mayoral

Some words stick in your stomach

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