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Those who look is a video installation that I organised in my flat, in my bathroom, my bedroom and the
garden, the eyes are projected and gesticulate.
Invasion of privacy.

This eye contact allows us not only to interpret other people’s emotions, as well as to convey our own

Eyes as an articulation of our identity. Eye contact, this is a powerful means of non-verbal communication. Social meanings: Eye contact and facial expressions provide important social and emotional information. People, perhaps without consciously doing so, search other’s eyes and faces for positive or negative
mood signs.

Along this pandemic, our eyes have become important protagonist of physical and social contact. We
grant them a huge responsibility to express and to read other expressions. That information that before
Covid-19 and the use of masks, we could got in a more comprehensive way.

That is the reason why they are the main element of the video installations.

The relationship between inside and outside, distance and closeness, private and public spaces. The
importance of continuing to see each other, of being present in our absence. Of learning new ways of
looking, looking up, looking down, looking sideways, gazing, glancing, breaking eye contact, long eye contact, staring, blinking, winking, tears, pupil size…

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